Building a Cloud Practice

The cloud is arguably one of the most significant trends ever to hit the IT industry. The Cloud has changed the fundamental nature of computing and how business gets done, and it will continue to do so through to 2020.


IDC believes that solution providers that don’t make the move to cloud will fall into the “boiling frog” syndrome: Comfortable enough for now, but much less so once the market starts “boiling” faster and faster. The time to act is now. Read all about the challenges and rewards for solution providers in this extensive IDC whitepaper. There is plenty of opportunity in the cloud, if you build your cloud practice the right way.

Ingram Micro and Microsoft are proud sponsors of the IDC Market Spotlight whitepaper: “Building a Cloud Practice: Challenges and Rewards”. Developed to educate organisations on the cloud opportunity and provide guidance on how to succeed in the cloud. Download the paper now for free.

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